DYNDEC is based on the principle that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. It’s an old principle which has stood the test of time as quality is something which you can place real value in.

Using this as the core principle upon which we conduct our work leads to complete satisfaction for our clients and excellence in what we do.

No matter if it’s new work or a repaint there is a great deal that goes into our preparation and finish so that the end result is DYNAMIC!

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and delivery of a quality service. That means going the extra mile and delivering exactly what the customer wants.

We protect your investment and we make it look good:

Acknowledging that a property is an investment is key to understanding why and how we want to protect it.

No matter if it’s your own home or a rental, it is your investment which you have spent a lot of money to get. Each and every one of those dollars invested would be better used elsewhere if the investment is not protected.

DYNDEC will ensure that not only will your investment look great, but it will also be protected for at least five years.

Key Points

  • Your investment will be protected for at least five years, guaranteed.

  • DYNDEC will ensure that your investment will look great.



  • Residential
  • Light Commercial
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Waterblasting
  • Moss & Mould Killer
  • Roof Painting